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Vinyl Cutter Blades - (50 Pack)

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Blades are an extremely important consumable. Unfortunately, the market is swamped in cheap inferior blades that perform poorly and don't last long. Our blades are the best!
"Real" Stainless steel with cemented carbide tips. Don't use anything else!
Typical use will see a good quality blade last a month or more. Our 50 Pack should keep you going for years.

20 x 45° Blade (Red Cap)
The standard 45-degree blade offers a wide variety of uses and is especially convenient for heat transfers. This blade is optimal for normal-sized graphics and typical vinyl.

10 x 30° Blade (Yellow Cap)
The detail blade is for smaller and more precise work, such as small lettering and intricate designs. Unless you have very small, detailed parts or extremely thin material, a standard 45-degree blade will most likely do the trick.

20 x 60° Blade (Blue Cap)
The thick blade is a 60-degree blade. It is used to cut with precision. This blade is optimal for thicker materials, such as flock, or vinyl that is textured, such as glitter-covered vinyl.