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Signmaster Professional Edition V3.5

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Signmaster Professional takes this amazing software to a whole new level by incorporating a Vectorising tool, that rivals many stand-alone Vectorising programs costing thousands of dollars. A feature-packed upgrade that is highly recommended.

* Lifetime Licence!
* Provided as a direct download!

SignMaster PRO is dedicated sign software designed specifically for making the most amazing vinyl lettering. SignMaster PRO allows you to produce a wide range of vinyl lettering, logos, signage, pinstriping and comes with a suite of powerful text, curve and object tools.

> Vector effects
> Vectorizer for super accurate tracing of images
> Image editing tools and special image effects
> Contour cutting wizard plus print and cut from two or more devices
> Ai, Eps, Pdf and Svg import/export (inc. text, images, gradients etc.)
> Vinyl spooler for powerful and rapid cutting
> Suite of text, curve and image tools and features
> Cutter support with direct drivers included
> 5,200 fonts, 10,000 logos, 3,604 clipart plus much more!
> Over 750 powerful tools and features at your disposal
> 450+ page manual, online FAQ and Help Desk
> Video lessons and tutorials included at no charge.


SignMaster Professional comes with a suite of Specialist Image Tools and Features:
> Highly Accurate and Super-Fast Tracing with the Vectorizer
> Create Vignettes and Interactive Transparencies etc.
> Color Adjustments, Crop, Filters, Resample, Duotone, Opacity etc.
> Special Images Effects.

SignMaster Professional allows you to easily create and cut out vector effects like these with dedicated effects tools:
> Outline
> Inline
> Multiple Outline
> Multiple Inline
> Drop Shadow
> Block Shadow
> Stripes
> Distortions inc. Arc, 2D, Corner, Cylinder and Flag
> Dedicated Outline Module

SignMaster Professional includes a large suite of specialist Contour Cutting Tools:
> Supports Laser Pointer Cutters
> Supports ARMS Cutters including Multi-Mark Cutters
> Set Fold, Contour and Perforation Cutlines by Color
> Change cutting tools on-the-fly
> Supports Multi-Tool Cutters
> Supports CorelDRAW and Illustrator
> All new Contour Cutting Wizard with Auto-Build Contours
> All new Cutfile Alignment Module for Pin-Point Accuracy

Cut artwork for signs, banners, vehicle graphics, stencils, boxes, craft and so much more with SignMaster’s latest and powerful cutting tools:
> An all new Send-To-Cutter Module for Instant Cutting
> Auto-Speed-Weed™ and new Easy Lift-Marks™
> Advanced Blade Compensation for the Sharpest of Text and Shapes
> Set the Cutting Order to save Cutting Time and Cutter Wear
> Streamlined and Powerful Vinyl Spooler for Cutfile management

Stroke, Color & Pen Styles (Suite of Dotted/Dashed lines)
> Shaping and Welding inc. Punch Out, Stamp, Trim, Common, Keep, Retain etc.
> CMYK, HSV, Lab, RGB Color Management, Spot Colors, Texture/Image/Reverse Fills
> Engraving Module for creating Tool Paths inc. Island Fill, Line Fill and S-Sweep
> Power Shapes inc. Arrow, Circle, Star and Square

SignMaster Professional includes:
> All major Page, Photographic & Banner Sizes (ISO/US)
> DesignCenter™ inc. Object Manager, Object Selector, Property Inspector
> Grid, Guides, Dimensions, Align, Space, Distribute
> Step & Repeat, Tile and Circle Array